Collectors of rare vinyl LPs find treasure trove in Turkey

Largely forgotten by the new generation, vinyl records remain the recording medium of choice for many purists FEATURESSuleyman Ozyildirim holds David Bowie’s Space Oddity record at his shop ‘Shades’ in Ankara’s Cankaya district that sells cassettes, CDs and vinyl LPs, many of which are relatively hard to find on February 2, 2019. ( Doğukan Keskinkılıç […]

Woman seeks to replace Confederate statue in downtown Macon with Little Richard

Fredrick Williams walks by the Confederate statue at the intersection of Cotton Avenue and Second Street in downtown Macon every day.  He says it doesn’t bother him.  “You cant destroy history,” he said. But Maggie Gonzalez feels differently. She says the current statue focuses on a hard part of history, so she wants to reinvent […]

Final spin of the turntable for Perth music institution 78 Records after 47 years in business

A Perth music institution is set to close its doors, killed off by the proliferation of online streaming services and tough economic times for bricks and mortar retailers. In a post to its followers on Facebook on Monday afternoon, 78 Records said that after 47 years in the vinyl business, it would unplug the turntable […]

Reverb launches app for buying and selling records, Reverb LP have launched a new app for buying and selling records. Available now on both iOS and Android, Reverb LP is is a “marketplace bringing together a wide-spanning community to buy, sell, and discuss all things records.” Promising a safe, secure community for “finding records you want”, the new vinyl marketplace is a potential competitor to […]


It launches in downtown Oakland in February… Set to open in downtown Oakland on February 1st, the 5000-square-foot complex and venue will feature a rolling stock of 99 vinyl records, as well as listening stations and screens that display the 5 million titles that the American online music company currently sell online. “We’re thrilled to […]


TOP 10 SELLING VINYL ALBUMS OF 2018 IN U.S. Rank Artist, Title Sales 1 Soundtrack, Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 84,000 2 Michael Jackson, Thriller 84,000 3 Fleetwood Mac, Rumours 77,000 4 The Beatles, Abbey Road 76,000 5 Prince and The Revolution, Purple Rain(Soundtrack) 71,000 6 Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the Moon 67,000 7 Bob Marley […]

The Sincerest Form: Terry Dactyl and the Dinosaurs: “Seaside Shuffle”

The world of music is dominated by spirals; which is to say that nature’s greatest design (in graphics terms, in my opinion anyway) is musical, or vice versa.  The Spiral Jetty notwithstanding, music is the art that getsthe spiral motion, right down to the movement of 78s, vinyl albums/singles, cassettes, etc.   In that same way, a song can […]

Boomtime for cassettes: 50,000 music tapes sold last year in retro revival

Dust off your cassette recorder. The tape has made a comeback, as listeners rediscover the delights of the only music format that can be rewound using an old Biro. Nearly 50,000 cassette albums were bought last year, according to new figures from the British Phonographic Industry. It is a leap of 125.3 per cent on 2017, […]